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Sterling Home Watch Welcomes you back to Arizona!

Get the most
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Peace of Mind
for seasonal residents

When you are away, Sterling Home Watch performs scheduled inspections of your property.

We know the importance of peace of mind, so we offer regular home inspections and comprehensive reports to your inbox.

Our regular inspections and reports are designed to keep you informed about any potential problems and reassure you that everything is fine.

Years in Arizona.
Our Home and Yours.

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Customer Satisfaction.

Returning to your Arizona home should be stress-free…no matter how long you’ve been gone.

Our regularly scheduled visits allow you to enjoy your time away without the worry of home maintenance issues or unexpected surprises.

So when you return, you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.

Local Contact

Sterling Home Watch can respond quickly as the local emergency contact for your alarm company.

Service Confirmation

During our regular inspections we visually check on the landscaping, pool service or anyone else working on your property.

Detailed Report

We provide a detailed report after every inspection which includes pictures of your property and notes on any issues that need attention.

You’ve invested a lot in your second home in one of the most beautiful regions of Arizona. By choosing Sterling Home Watch, you can return to your home with no surprises and with peace of mind.

Get Sterling.
We Got This!

Whether you own a home, condo, patio home, park model, or manufactured home, we provide peace of mind through routine visual inspections while you’re away.

We care. When you’re not there.

Advantages of a Professional Home Watch Service

Many people who own second homes or rental properties depend on friends and neighbors to check in on the homes while they’re away. However, most of these people aren’t qualified for the job, don’t have the time, feel imposed upon and really don’t want the responsibility of someone else’s home.

A professional home watch service provides peace of mind by ensuring that your home and belongings are safe, secure, and protected while you’re away. Although it is not a security service, the regular presence of someone in an empty home may act as a crime deterrent.

Home watch services look out for the best interests of their clients, acting as an advocate for their clients’ home and property.

Service Area

We serve:
East Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and Queen Creek